€1,000 funding


€1,000 funding


Launch funding of €1,000

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In return for a donation of €1,000, you get:

  1. Cover for 20 people for 5 years. You may choose to use it yourself or donate it to charity.

  2. Free eBook Safety guides covering children, adults, and lone working.

  3. Invitations to free online webinars on safety topics.

  4. 2 free admission passes to any in-person events held in your local area.

  5. Donation of an equivalent number of people covered to a charity of your choice.

  6. You will be enrolled in the Launch Pod as a “Gold Member” offering you advance notice of upcoming releases, and new product and service announcements before they are made public.

  7. There may also be exclusive offers to Gold Members of the Launch Pod.