Do you ever feel a sense of unease when you are out alone?


Even if you normally feel safe in an area during the day, being there at night can be a different matter.  Imagine if you could discretely summon help when you need it from people you know and trust.


How can you feel safer?

Imagine if you could you could use your smartphone to raise an emergency alert if you feel in immediate danger and are not in a position to call the police?

Or if you could set a Timer on your phone that would automatically trigger an alert if it is not cancelled by you before the expiry time?

What if an alert could be triggered automatically, even if your phone was taken from you?



what is a responder?

These are people you know and trust that are notified if an alert is triggered.  They should also know you well so that they can deal with alerts effectively.

Examples of people that you could consider to act as Responders include:

  • Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles or other family members

  • Close friends

  • Work colleagues

  • Members of a group that have a common interest

What does a responder do?

A Responder's phone will notify them of an alert, even if it is in silent mode.

The alert will contain the name of the person to whom the alert relates, their phone number along with a link to view their current location.

Tapping on the link allocates responsibility for dealing with the alert to the Responder.

If the Responder does not act within a reasonable period of time, the alert will be raised with alternate Responders.

As well as you name and phone number, the Responder will also receive a link to view your location so that they can arrange assistance for you.

As well as you name and phone number, the Responder will also receive a link to view your location so that they can arrange assistance for you.

Someone has your back


You can feel safer knowing that people you know and trust are ready to respond whenever you need them.  The following video stories provide real-world scenarios that illustrate how you can protect yourself.


With an increase in gender-based violence, it is reassuring to know that there are people out there willing to help if anything happens to me.
— Ally McBeal

How does it work?


The most common way to use it is to set a Timer whenever you about to undertaken an activity where you know approximately how long it is going to take.

The Timer counts down on our secure cloud, so that even if your phone is taken from you, an alert can still be raised automatically.

You can also trigger an emergency alert at any time using your phone.

Responders will be notified in sequence until one is available.


Help when you need it

In the event of any type of emergency, remain calm knowing that trusted friends or family will be alerted and can arrange assistance for you.