Fulfill your duty of care


Many countries operate a 'Duty of Care' towards their paid and volunteer staff which means providing them with as safe an environment as possible to undertake their work.



Volunteers are often involved in work that involves risk.  Examples include collecting money, advocating on behalf of their NGO, travelling, attending meetings at multiple locations, home visits and many other activities.

They need an affordable solution to help protect them from harm or sudden illness while working on your behalf.

 Paid Staff

The work that paid staff undertake may be similar to that undertaken by volunteers but because they are paid, they may be at increased risk because they may work longer hours than volunteers on behalf or your NGO.

They may also have to travel overseas, possibly to areas with higher security risks than at home and need a global solution.

How to help protect your people

This video explains how a regular smartphone can be used to help protect staff.  It outlines the key features such as:

  • Panic button
  • Timer
  • Managing emergency alerts

The app should be used to support your risk assessment for each activity undertaken by your volunteers or paid staff.




Every year, we select a number of NGOs, both domestic and international, and invite members of the public to sponsor subscriptions to our service for one or more of the featured NGOs.

For each subscription paid for by a member of the public, we will match it with another 'free' subscription.


Protect your People

As NGOs provide vital services to the communities that they support, we have special pricing arrangements in place to make the service as affordable as possible for any NGOs, large, medium or small.