Feel Safer

Nearly all of us experience concern for our safety. In fact, over 75% of people surveyed are concerned about their personal safety.

Our level of concern increases significantly after dark, or when we enter an area that appears unsafe.

Activities that can give us cause for concern include walking alone, travelling on public transport, returning to a parked car, poorly lit areas, or getting home after a night out.

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that if anything happened to us, people we know and trust would be notified and could arrange help?


Be Safer


With a ‘Panic Button’ or a ‘Timer’, the SafeAmigos app can summon help whenever you need it.

It is so easy to use and avoids fumbling for numbers while trying to call or message someone if you are in difficulty.

Another key benefit is that it can be used when you don’t believe you need the police or emergency services, or if you don’t trust that they will react quickly enough to your call for help.


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Help from people you know and trust

They will receive your location and contact details so they can check in with you and arrange help if needed - remember they have your best interests at heart!

Help for people you care about

Be there for the people you care about by acting as a ‘Responder’. Whenever a family member, friend, colleague or employee triggers an alert, receive their live location and relevant contact information.

A simple call to check on their well-being might be all that is needed to help them feel safer.

And if medical, police or another emergency service is required, you can quickly and easily pass on accurate location information to ensure that help arrives in the shortest possible time.

Peace of mind for you knowing that people you care about have an easy way to reach out if they feel unsafe or if they need urgent help.

Peace of mind for them knowing that help is only a tap away!


Family Safety

Protect your children, partner/spouse, or other family members. Give them their independence by not spying on them or watching their every movement.

No more fretting when they are out wondering if they arrived safely at their destination, if they are safe now, or if they are safely on their way home.

Both or you know that they can reach out quickly, easily, and discretely if they need your help.

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Personal Safety


Feel safer when you are on your own. Set a ‘Timer’ if you are about to undertake an activity that you find a little unsettling, like going to your car, going out for a walk, jog or run, travelling in a taxi or even returning home and checking that everything is okay before settling in for the evening.

Be safer with the ‘Panic Button’ that you can tap on your phone knowing that people you know and trust will be alerted and can arrange help.

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Safety at College

Starting college can be a little daunting for students and parents alike. For many students, it can be their first time living away from home (or commuting long distances).

For parents, it is great to see children maturing and developing their independence but there is always worry about their safety.

Even for students returning to college, SafeAmigos provides a very affordable, easy and effective way to be safer on and off campus.

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Safety at Work

Help meet your ‘Duty of Care’ obligations towards staff who may work alone by equipping them (and possibly their families) with a simple and effective tool they can use whenever they need urgent assistance, or even feel unsafe and need support.

It is not just ‘lone workers’ that need this solution. Obviously anyone encountering members of the public could use this solution, but it is also appropriate for anyone that spends any time working on their own.

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NGO Safety/Charity Safety


Many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), INGOs (International Non-Governmental Organizations), or charities have a combination of paid staff and volunteers.

Where there are paid staff, there is an employers’ ‘Duty of Care’ to provide staff with as safe a working environment as possible.

This should also extend to volunteers who give freely of their time to help make the world a better place.

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Feeling Safer


We can feel safer if we can use our smartphones to:

  • Summon help whenever we need it.

  • Let someone know if anything happens to us.

  • Enjoy freedom from being ‘monitored’ or ‘spied-on’.

  • Feel reassured whenever we feel unsafe or uneasy.

  • Know that family, friends, colleagues, employees or visitors are safe.