Protect your children, partner or other family members.


Your children can use their smartphones to raise an alert discretely if they are in danger of if they feel unsafe, unwell, or simply want to eave a situation where they feel uncomfortable.


Can't they just ring?

And risk being laughed at by their friends?  Or perhaps they can't ring.

Can't they just text?

Have you ever tried sending a text when you are under any type of duress?

What if they raise an alert?

You get an exact fix on their location so that you can arrange to help them.


What if you're not there?

The alert will automatically be routed to Responders that you have designated.

Is it easy for you to use?

Your phone will notify you of an alert and you simply tap to view and respond.

Its not just for children

Adults may need to trigger alerts for many reasons including medical emergencies.


  • Timer can be set for a specific period of time - if it is not cancelled, an alert will be raised.

  • Emergency alert which is sent to designated Responders.

  • Responders can view name, phone number and current location.

  • Notifies your designated alternate Responder(s) if you are not available.


examples of how it can be used

Family Plan Features

Family Members

Helping to protect your family members from sudden illness, attack or many of the other scenarios outlined above begins with an app on a smartphone that has the following features:


  • Use a Timer to set an expected end time for an activity.

  • Receive reminders to cancel Timer before it expires.

  • If Timer is not cancelled, Emergency Alert will be raised.

  • Alert will be raised even if smartphone runs out of battery.

  • It will also be triggered if smartphone seized or damaged.

Emergency Alert

  • 'Panic Button' on smartphone can raise Emergency Alert.

  • It can also be triggered automatically by an expired Timer.

  • Date, time, family member, location accessible.

  • Indicator if family member is under duress available.


Whenever an emergency is triggered, you and people you designate will have access to the following features on your smartphones so you can help family members in distress:

Emergency Alerts

  • Audio, vibrate, visual smartphone notification of an alert.

  • Date, time, family member, nature of alert displayed.

  • Can view their 'real-time' location on an online map.

  • Option to call or message family member to check on them.

  • Cancel alert if situation resolved.


  • If you miss an alert, it will be escalated to other Responders.

  • Escalated alerts include all information listed above.

  • Responder that views location takes responsibility for alert.

  • All other Responders notified who is handling alert.


Be there for them

Provide each family member with a personal safety & well-being app for their smartphone.

Designate responsible adults to act as Responders.

Achieve peace of mind for you and your family.