Make your learning environment as safe as possible


College can be overwhelming without having to worry about your personal safety.  A simple app installed on your smartphone can make your college experience safer.


With statistics such as these, you might be concerned about attending college.

Or you may decide that it will never happen to you.

College is a very positive experience for most people.

But it would do no harm to help to protect yourself.



5 Simple steps to safety

There are a number of simple, practical steps you can take to improve your personal safety.

  1. Avoid unlit or badly lit areas at night.

  2. Walk with groups of friends whenever possible.

  3. Keep books you don't need in your locker - less to carry.

  4. Be careful about what you drink when socializing.

  5. Also be careful about how much you drink.

If you have to walk alone, use the Timer function within our app to set how long you expect your walk to take.

How does this work?

Is this available on my campus?

It can be used on any campus and can be used by students and staff to help increase everyone's safety.

who can act as my responders?

Anyone can set up a 'Safety Pod' and designate friends or colleagues as Responders.

how much does it cost?

It is very affordable - a lot less than the cost of a few drinks!


Be safe on campus

Register for our college safety app and be safer on campus. Even if your campus is not on our list, we can easily add it.