Where did the name Safe Amigos come from?

Coming up with a name for a business or service is one of the biggest challenges facing a new business. Not only does the name have to be memorable, the URL for the website also needs to be available.

Too often good business names are devised only for the web address to be taken. It is very frustrating to see web addresses not being actively used but just sitting there waiting for someone to pay an extortionate amount of money to buy it.

The Safe Amigos name was created by Rebecca, my 15 year-old daughter, who said that it blended both English and Spanish to reflect the global focus of the business.

She suggested the name as I drove her and another daughter to school one morning. We were exploring different options for names when she had her ‘Eureka’ moment. It took a little while for me to absorb the name, but then I realised how appropriate it was.

The ‘Safe’ part of the name conveys what the service does, that is to make people feel safer, be safer and live safer.

‘Amigos’ is Spanish for friends and reflects the fact that when alerts are raised, they are routed to people you know and trust.

Initially, there was some debate over whether the name should be Safe Amigo or Safe Amigos. Amigo is singular and refers to male friends which does not reflect the nature of the service. We could have used Safe Amiga, but that is singular and refers to female friends. Amigos is plural and refers to friends and so Safe Amigos is the name that we settled on.

I have to say that I am really pleased with the name. It really does capture the essence of what we do in the name, combining peace of mind with the practical nature of how that is achieved.

Thank you Rebecca and I hope that the business does justice to the name that you created!