Advisory Panels

With such a wide variety of potential uses, it is important that external expertise is available to provide advice in areas such as how it can be applied in specific scenarios, factors to consider when making it available for a specific purpose, reviewing future development plans and offering feedback on various aspects of the business. It is the ultimate responsibility of SafeAmigos whether or not to accept any advice or feedback from the advisory panels.

advisory panels

A variety of panels have been established including:

  • Parents (which concentrates on parents with daughters or sons from 12 to 23)

  • Third Level Education

  • Gender Violence


  • Minority Groups

  • Security

  • SMB (small and medium business)

  • Enterprise (large business)

  • NGO (charities and other non-governmental organisations, including those operating internationally)

We are always looking for people who are willing to contribute ideas to enable us to help people feel safer and live safer. If you would like to join an existing panel, or feel that there is a panel that should be formed, please let us know.

Advisory panel members

The following people have kindly agreed to offer advice to SafeAmigos.

Tom Fitzpatrick NGO

Tom Fitzpatrick

Tom is the Co-founder of An Bradán Feasa, a company that specialises in consultancy and security training for international business organisations and International Non-Governmental Organisations (iNGOs), working in potentially hostile or high risk locations. An Bradán Feasa support organisations with the development of security policy, standards and procedure, offering a fully integrated and holistic approach to security. Coupled with customised training focused on situational awareness to recognise and react to threats, organisations partner with ABF to ultimately offset the risk to enable and sustain operations. Within the advisory panel, Tom focuses on the evolution of SafeAmigos as it seeks to meet the needs of international business travelers and iNGOs

Declan Garrett Security

Declan Garrett

Dr. Declan Garrett has extensive experience across a broad range of security industry activities. He has worked in security companies in various roles, has been a security trainer, a security consultant and managed security for the National Gallery of Ireland before taking up an appointment as Head of Security for the Louvre Abu Dhabi. His practical experience is supported by academic achievement, and he is a Director and academic researcher with The Security Institute of Ireland. He is Fellow of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management and sits on their global advisory panel, and is a visiting lecturer at the Berlin Institute of Economics and Law. With a significant focus on risk assessment, Declan is able to provide guidance on identifying the risks for which SafeAmigos is appropriate and for reviewing the future product roadmap from a risk assessment perspective.

Karl Heller Security

Karl Heller

Kark retired in 2017 from An Garda Síochána (the Irish police service) after a 35 year career that saw him rise to the rank of Chief Superintendent. During his career, he gained important insights into the significant collaborative work of An Garda Síochána with many diverse stakeholders across Ireland. He recognised the importance of engaging positively and proactively with all communities to build a sense of a ‘safer’ community together. This included child protection, juvenile/youth justice, community policing, community engagement, police leadership, strategic planning, policy development, police training as well as operational/investigative and front-line policing. Since retiring, Karl is the volunteer chairperson of the Little Blue Heroes Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable foundation operated voluntarily by Garda staff to help families in local communities who have children with serious illness. On the security panel for SafeAmigos, Karl provides advice and guidance on crime prevention, policing and ways in which SafeAmigos can be deployed to help keep people safer.

Caroline Keane LGBTQI+

Caroline Keane

Caroline is an accomplished manager with over 15 years’ experience across sales and operations roles, mainly in rapidly expanding SaaS and online tech companies. She is also the voluntary chairperson of the National LGBT Federation (NXF), the longest running lesbian, gay, bisexual NGO in Ireland. It publishes Gay Community News (GCN) and campaigns for equal rights of, and to combat discrimination against LGBT people in Ireland and internationally.

Tara Lane Parents

Tara Lane

Tara is the founder and owner of Centrepiece Rosettes, a manufacturer of quality prize rosettes for the Equestrian, Canine and Corporate markets. She is also the Public Relations Officer of Network Ireland Kildare Branch, a progressive and dynamic networking organisation supporting the professional and personal development of women. She has extensive business experience, having owned or worked in businesses in sectors as diverse as retail, entertainment, business services and Centrepiece Rosettes. As a mum, Tara instantly saw the benefit of SafeAmigos and in fact was the first person to join an advisory panel. She has made and continues to make, very significant contributions to the evolution of the SafeAmigos service.

Jimmy McGovern Third Level

Jimmy McGovern
Third Level

Jimmy brings a student-centric perspective to SafeAmigos. Having been involved in students' unions at both college and national levels, he currently works in the Higher Education sector supporting students throughout their time at college. He understands the stresses and mental health issues affecting students, and is passionate about quality of life and access to support services for young people.

Denise O’Reilly Parents

Denise O’Reilly

Denise is a partner in Brennan & O'Reilly Accountants and a mum of a teenage daughter. She has over 15 years' financial industry experience and is a Member of Accountants Technician Ireland. Brennan & O'Reilly Accountants provide expertise in accountancy, payroll and tax to sole traders and small businesses. Denise recognises that achieving a work-life balance is difficult when running a business. It can be challenging but also very rewarding. She is very excited about the possibilities for SafeAmigos to make the world a little safer for parents and their children.

Marie O’Riordan Neurodiverse

Marie O’Riordan

Marie is a highly experienced and award winning senior public relations and communications manager. She has been a broadcast news journalist, presenter and senior producer, getting on national and local radio when she was only 13, on national TV at 14 and became an award-winning short filmmaker by 15. After a very successful period on the airwaves, Marie turned her attention to public relations and has gained experience advising Fortune 500 and NYSE-listed companies. She has always been passionate about helping underdogs in society, especially Double Minorities and those who are part of the LGBT community, Neurodiverse individuals who are High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder Savants, people with rare personality types, especially the Myers-Briggs INFJ personality type (introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging), and people living with migrane. Marie brings all of this life experience to bear when providing advice to SafeAmigos.

Rory O’Toole Third Level

Rory O’Toole
Third Level

Rory brings extensive experience in a variety of commercial roles in the third level sector in Ireland.  Having worked in commercial roles in two Irish universities, he currently works in the third level education sector which gives him deep insights into the needs of international students.  He also understands the needs of students who are immersing themselves in another country in order to develop or improve their language skills.

Olivia Potter-Hughes Third Level

Olivia Potter-Hughes
Third Level

Olivia is a former NUS-USI President and is currently continuing her studies in politics in Queen's University Belfast.  She has held several roles in the student movement across Ireland and the UK, as well as acting as a company director for the NUS UK Services Board, and a Student Governor on the Belfast Metropolitan College Board of Governors.  She brings a wealth of experience to the third level student advisory panel, both as a student and from her involvement in the students' union movement.

Mark Prendergast Security

Mark Prendergast

After a distinguished 30-year career in the Irish Defence Forces, Mark established Prendergast Leadership to help develop business leaders, borrowing from his extensive experience developing high performing military leaders, and leading multi-national teams to achieve objectives in often complex and hostile environments. He combines his military success with academic achievement to meet the leadership needs of business, community and sports groups. Having served on many international assignments during his time in the military, Mark provides a deep knowledge of risk management and security to the evolution of the SafeAmigos application.

Tara Smith Security

Tara Smith

Tara is the author of 'My Feelings Matter' a wellness journal for primary school children. The journal is designed as a multi-learning resource and all year-round reflective to for teachers, parents/guardians and children in the 6 - 12 year old age group. The core of this journal is to encourage communication and address bullying by providing information, tips and advice in an age-appropriate way combined with a journal that is informative, bright, colourful and fun! In addition to being the creator of this wonderful resource, Tara has experience as an ECAS (Emergency Call Answering Service) supervisor which provides invaluable insights into the factors to be considered when escalating issues to the appropriate emergency service.

Lucy Whittaker Gender Violence

Lucy Whittaker
Gender Violence

Lucy is the Founder and Director of Alpha Vesta, a Community Interest Company providing consultancy, training and support services around domestic abuse, and related stalking and harassment.  This is for businesses, organisations and individuals who are looking for greater understanding and are looking for preventative approaches and robust early interventions.  Lucy has extensive experience working with victims of domestic abuse, handling complex casework, managing risk, safety planning and support programmes.  Her role within in the gender violence advisory panel is to suggest scenarios where SafeAmigos can deliver most benefit, and give guidance on scenarios where it may be less appropriate to deploy.